AGONIZED: Mother of the Bride By Peg Scarano

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Mother of the Bride
By Peg Scarano

I have three daughters. Two are finally married. I say finally because they are both well into their 30’s. This leads me to a little talk about stress. First there is the engagement and that ensuing party. Then you to have to choose a date when EVERYONE is free and able to attend! Following this is the choosing of a venue, not just for the wedding, but also for the rehearsal dinner. And once the venue for the reception is chosen, you have to decide what to serve during the cocktail hour, the bar menu, the signature drink, dinner options, cake, cake toppers, the after party menu and who is going to spend the night in the 16 rooms available upstairs. Then there is the caterer for the rehearsal dinner; the invitations; the flowers; a theme; the band; your preference of songs; the church, church music before, during and after the ceremony, the readings, and time of day; the photographer; the videographer; who will be the maid of honor; who will be the bridesmaids; who looks good in what color, material and style; who can afford which dress; where are we getting our manicures and pedicures and our hair done; and I haven’t started the part about picking the perfect wedding gown for my beautiful bride! Oh my God the decisions seem endless!

And then there is me – the mother of the bride – who wants to look as young and beautiful as the bride. I need to find a dress (keep in mind my daughters got married within 18 months of each other, so I had to find TWO dresses)! I have my favorite colors in mind but I find my choices are navy blue, burgundy and black unless I go to a bridal shop where they have every color imaginable displayed, but for the mothers, your choices are back to about four fundamental colors.

I look fat. I look short. It’s too sparkly. It’s too plain. It’s too short. It’s too long. What is the groom’s mother wearing? Will it clash with her dress? And remember, the color must harmonize with the bridesmaids’ dresses as well!

After too many stores to count and trying on countless different dresses, the decision is made at last! But then I am reminded by my brides that I must buy new shoes and jewelry to coordinate with my attractive new dress. And, for the wedding with the Kentucky Derby theme, I was informed I also needed a stylish hat! Oh dear God.

After all of the agonizing decisions, the day finally arrives and I decide I look pretty damn good donned in all of my gorgeousness! However, the irony is, no one looked at me. All eyes were on my stunning brides in their beautiful gowns all aglow with the light of love and happiness that a woman feels on her wedding day. It was the Agony and Ecstasy of a lifetime – times two!

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