WHISPER: Home By Peg Scarano

Word: Whisper
Word Count: 471

By Peg Scarano

I can’t remember the moment when my life actually began. I only know I wasn’t in my tiny world very long before I started to discover things. At first, it was little things I noticed, like the steady rhythm of a beating drum that never went away, but I found it very comforting.

Since I couldn’t see very well, as time went on, my hearing seemed to become more acute. What I remember most were the murmurs. I heard sounds all of the time. I couldn’t understand what they were, but I did know they were all different. There were sometimes sharp, loud noises that startled me so much I would jump in my little room. There were sometimes voices of strangers which were interesting, but never seemed very important to me.

Sometimes there were what I can only describe as liquid noises and blares from large things. On a regular basis, there would be these mewling and howling sounds from God knows what. At first, they frightened me as well, but as time went on, they became my new normal.

What comforted me the most besides the drumbeats was this whispering voice that spoke to me more and more frequently as I grew bigger and my room grew smaller. Sometimes this voice would seem professional and businesslike. Sometimes it would be quiet and not directed at me. I could always tell when this voice was paying attention to me. It would be soothing and consoling. It would calmly tell me wonderful stories and tales of places and things I had never seen. This sound always seemed to suggest that things would be different for me someday. Sometimes this pleasing resonance would be accompanied by gentle touches reassuring me that all was well in my world.

One time, after what seemed like a forever day with all kinds of different sounds and the piercing clash of things and the excited voices of strangers, I gained my sight! It was like coming out of the darkest tunnel and seeing the bright light of day. I could see where the sounds were coming from and it was the scariest thing ever! I remember screaming in terror.

Then, all of a sudden, I felt that familiar, reassuring touch and I recognized the gentle whispering voice only this time it was a bit louder and not as muffled. I couldn’t see very clearly, but something told me I was really home now. I could stretch, but at the same time, I was wrapped tightly in something soft and warm. I was cuddled and cooed to and contentment surrounded me. I felt the promises and stories I had heard in my little room were fulfilled as my mom whispered to me, “Finally, I get to meet you my precious little one! I love you so much!”

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