LICK: Seasons By Peg Scarano

Word: Lick
Word Count: 499

Peg Scarano

Living in upstate New York allows one to experience the full scope of Mother Nature’s charm. I think this is especially true when we are children. Let’s face it, children get bored easily and are always eager to move on to something new and exciting.

Do you remember how you felt as a child in the spring? I mean after all the dirty snow melts and the leaves are just starting to pop out in that beautiful shade of minty green. It is the most delicious shade of green in the world. And when the lilacs pop into bloom, you can almost taste the different flavors of the deep purple, lily white and lavender lilacs. There is nothing like a fresh spring shower with warm raindrops when you can romp in the puddles with your mouth open to the skies to drink Mother Nature’s tears of joy.

And then there are the simple pleasures of summer. Flowers radiate all sorts of mouth-watering bouquets. The smoke from the neighborhood grills carries scrumptious aromas from house to house. There is nothing the like scent of a freshly mowed lawn to ignite your senses to the season. And, of course, to satisfy all of our taste buds, there is ice cream! There are flavors for every color of the rainbow as well as every candy bar, cake, candy and crunchy treat in the universe! Oh, there is nothing like summer to satisfy our senses.

As August comes and goes, we are ready for those days with cool crispness in the air and the faint perfume of apples and cider. The brightly colored pumpkins alert our senses. Instead of barbecues, we smell wood fires and cinnamon. Instead of flowers, we are aware of the crunch of leaves under our feet and the anticipation of the holidays with the essences of turkey, dressing, apple pies and freshly baked cookies. Let’s face it – our mouths pretty much water nonstop for three months.

And then I remember winters. There is nothing like that first snowfall with the big fluffy flakes falling from the skies! I could not wait to bundle up and run outside with mittens warming my hands and my tongue sticking out as far as I could get it to catch those little white pieces of wonder. They were a gourmand’s delight! Remember the bliss of it? But, why oh why, did we feel we had to lick the street sign post? Oh the tortured pain of it! When you finally manage to get your tongue off of the pole, you have totally lost the joy of winter as well as most of your taste buds. This experience ruined winter for me a long time ago.

Now my winters consist of warm sunshine on a sandy beach with ocean waves lapping the shore and me licking my finger to turn the pages of a good book. I think Mother Nature should slip into semi-retirement and be happy creating just a three season year.

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