POT: Look for the Rainbow By Nan Ressue

Word: POT
Word Count
By Nan Ressue
My father doesn’t call a family meeting unless it’s serious.
“We’re broke,” he announced. “The house is broke, the car is broke, and it isn’t likely that our fairy godmother will show up. Think hard everybody. We need a money making scheme pronto. “
It was pretty quiet for a while, everybody scratching their head, thinking hard, thinking serious.
“Let’s see, I mused. “ Something new, something daring, something different.”…“Dad, I’ve got it! Didn’t the Irish told us about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Oh boy! -Our problems would be solved.”
I was embarrassed when they all laughed at me but I still thought it was a good idea.
”They’re a lying bunch son. Haven’t you heard about blarney?”, he said with a condescending smile.
“Well, it would be worth checking it out, wouldn’t it?”, I persisted.
“O.K., Bright Boy”, my big brother sneered.” Did you notice how many dark rainy days we’ve had lately? Rainbows are scarce man.”
“How do we get up there?”, asked my little sister, the logical one in the group.
ASTRAL PROJECTION”-That’s how we would do it,” contributed my mother, who was well read on the subject.”
“Don’t forget rainbows have two ends. How do you know which end is the right one?”argued my little brother.
“I’ve got it figured out,” I chimed in excitedly. “When we get up on the rainbow, we need to go to the middle and form two teams. They will go in opposite directions working toward the ends. When one team spots the pot, they would send up a signal .Everybody should wear sneakers as you can bet it will be pretty slippery.”
“I don’t think we have enough people for two teams”, said the father with a worried look. “ I think it would be wise to advertise for applications from people who would like to go along . They need to say why they need the money in order to get their share.”
Hardly a week went by before completed applications arrived in the mail. “Dad, you won’t believe who has answered”, I said excitedly. “Harry Potter wants to upgrade his Nimbus 2000, George Washington needs new dentures, Cinderella wants to poison her sisters, and Eleanor Roosevelt is looking for cash to divorce Franklin.”
Now we’ve got too many he said with a sigh. I think we better choose a representative to make the trip
I drew the short straw so it looked like I was going. The family stood in a circle with their eyes closed and wished me to the rainbow .I arrived light as a feather, somewhat east of the middle. Double knotting my Nikis, I set off at a good clip toward the shortest end, making strong progress until I tripped and got my ankle trapped between green and blue . Drat! Wouldn’t you know I’d have a problem after all this trouble. However, I found by stretching up as tall as I could, I could see the pot shining in the sun. But there was somebody standing in it.
“It must be a leprechaun,” I told myself in a whisper..
“Hello! Hello! I called out. “Who are you?”
“Hello yourself “, he answered. “ I’m Blarney and my job is to guard the pot. What are you doing up here?”
“I need the money”, I replied with a flush of honesty. “Everything we’ve got at home is broke”
“Well, you’re out of luck Sonny. The gold in this chest isn’t money. It full of HOPE, the one strong feeling that keeps us going when times are hard.”
“You mean it’s gold you can’t spend?
“That’s right but don’t worry. Your family still has some left.”
I slipped out of the color trap, stood on a wide strip of red and orange, and wished myself home, safe at the table with my family near.
“What happened? Come on, tell us what happened”, they clamored.
I had the answer ready.
“FAKE GOLD”, I announced. “The rainbow plan just isn’t going to work so there’s only one thing left we can do…. Get a job.”

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