TRANSLUCENCE: Night Shade By Nan Ressue

Word Count 383
Nan Ressue
We live in Cookiecutterville. You know what I mean. It’s a town of identical houses in soul draining rows of sameness and the inevitable death of curiosity. This was true except for the house next door on our east side. They never came out of the house, at least not when I was around to notice quirky behavior.
“Never?’ you asked
“No, never.” I replied
Their bedroom window which faced mine was covered with a vanilla colored shade from the roller to the sill that never moved. I studied it sometimes, thinking it was probably silk and had that watery wavy pattern woven into the fabric The color changes throughout the day intrigued me; a rosy glow in the early morning as the sun rise gained momentum, a bright gold gradually mellowing as the day progressed, a warm blue grey as evening approached and a deep licorice end- of- day black.
That’s the way it was every time until the time when night turned into day. The shade had become translucent with an unexpected light in their room projecting the outlines of the occupants on its golden surface.
“How do you do?” I said in silent conversation. “I’m your next door neighbor”
He was a middle-aged man with hair long enough to lay on his shoulders and had an athletic body and a bare torso. She was shorter than he, had tousled hair and was half undressed. I watched as he pulled her closer to him and kissed her check, moving his hands from her waist to her shoulders. She was beginning to back away as his fingers continued upward to her neck . Her hands were against his chest now, pushing and pushing as the long supple fingers made their circle around her throat. Her hands became fists as she pounded on his gut, gradually slowing until she became limp in his arms. He threw her down to the floor, violated and discarded+
Suddenly the light was gone and the shade was black. Both stunned and numb, I could hardly believe what I just saw. I finally found the strength to pull my cell phone out of my pocket with trembling fingers and dial the number.
“Hello! Hello!” somebody finally responded. This is 911. What is your emergency?”

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