YES: Yes By Miriam Rose Mancuso

Word: YES
Word Count 252
By Miriam Rose Mancuso

It has been almost a day and a half since I saw Joe, and I’m so ready to start up a conversation. I love all sorts of British bands so I’m so ready to relate to him. I usually don’t dress up but I decided to put on the only dress I have, a long, orange floral dress that I haven’t wore since Easter of last year.
I took a quick look in my front camera to see if anything is in my teeth, coming out of my nose, or drooping from my eyes. Ok, I just look as ugly as I usually do. Hopefully he will notice my dress, call me beautiful, ask me out, and marry me in a beautiful Italian church. Sigh! What is my opener gonna be? “Hi”? “Hello”? “Hey, how are you?” or possibly “Hey, Joe, looking good!” Ugh.
And what’s the first thing to start talking about? How British music is so amazing? How about the homework we had last night? Oh, or about where he got the cute shirt he’s probably wearing? Sigh! The bell rang and I had to get out of the middle of the hallway. I click-clacked in my cute Chanel heels and quickly peered into my classroom to see if he was there. Oh God he was! He was wearing a soft blue Abercrombie tee and faded blue jeans. I’m not even gonna mention the brown leather jacked. Sigh!
He looks so cute thayt I’m speechless. “What am I gonna say?!”

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