YES: Yes By B.A. Sarvey

Word: YES
Word Count 500
B.A. Sarvey
Her silver locks fell softly, partially obscuring her face. No longer sheltered by her loden green hood, she ought to feel vulnerable. Yet the boy’s presence gentled her.
“Guff,” he said, by way of introduction. “Will you come?”
“Yes,” she replied, accepting his offered hand. “Luna.”
Pulling her to her feet, he looked directly into her pale green eyes. “Like the cave crystals,” he marveled.
Unblinking, Luna said, “And yours? Hues of the tamarack.”
Guff guided her through the gathered groups. Snatches of folk songs and laughter rose on acrid campfire smoke. Bitter-sweet ale sloshed in stoneware mugs, languid voices engaged in good-natured debate. Two owls conversed wh-hoo-hoo-hoooo. Amidst it all, they walked, unnoticed. World with-in world. Converged yet apart. At the water’s edge, he halted. Still holding her hand, he swept his arm up and out, a fluid motion encompassing the river, the entire settlement. “This is why I was told to watch for you.”
“And what are you?”
A smile crinkled his face. “A messenger, my…fay.”
“No fairy am I,” Luna parried. Her laughter glittered—moonlight on water. “Only a traveler.”
As she spoke, however, a tingling like near-by lightning jolted her. She gripped Guff’s hand. Hard. Settlement sounds faded. Dark shapes, beings who appeared only to her, gestured menacingly, reflected in blood-red waters. Silent screams pierced her calm.
A woodland dweller, she was no stranger to the violence of existence—the daily battle of hunter and prey, the will to survive determining whether wolf or deer would win the day. But this vision was of something different. These dark beings sought to subjugate the gentle folk, or annihilate all, senselessly.
Was Guff the vision maker, or only a tool wielded by another? Luna focused herself, eyes closed, mind alert. Something luminous like sunshine radiated through the deep dusk, informing her. A vanishing spell would not work—the dark beings might insinuate themselves, believing the village vacant. A repellent was needed.
Any of her kind knew these spells. Why was she chosen? Well, no matter. She was here. She must act.
“Guff! Quickly! We must protect them.”
“You’ve seen something,” he stated. “Tell me what to do.”
“Meadow rue and honeysuckle from the fields. Gather three bushels of each. Strew it around the settlement bounds. Ashes form three fires. Hair from three hounds. Mixed and scattered.” Luna released Guff’s hand, motioned him to go.
“Not too late?” Guff queried.
“They are near, but….”
Grabbing his blade, Guff ran for the meadow. Luna gathered hair and ashes, a bowl to blend them in, words to call up the wind. Guff returned, breathless but beaming, plants cut and strewn.
“All we need is a dusting of translucence.” Luna watched the sky, listening, head tilted. Suddenly, whoosh. Her silvery curls danced, reflecting moonbeams. “Perfect,” as though she expected him.
The newcomer landed lightly, shifted his feet—left, right, left—cleared his throat. “H…howard,” he stammered, translucent wings fluttering. “I am Howard.”
Guff gaped.
Luna clapped. “An auspicious arrival!”

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