PARODY: Ode to The Donald By Nan Ressue

Word Count 179
Ode to The Donald
By Nan Ressue

Trump, trumpet, crumpet,
Your chins are doubling upon it.
Your belly doth rage,
Overflowing its cage,
When on your big buns ye do sit.

Big Macs everyday are the best
Two for you and one for your guest
Fish sticks and fries
Are more fuel for lies,
And they all add more girth to your chest.

The hair do is one of a kind,
It all rises up from behind.
The bare spot is there
Though hidden with care,
The voters say boo with one mind

Only navy blue suits are for you,
Yard-length red ties are always there too.
A Florida tan,
Is just right for the man
Who probably plays golf in them too.

Stir the crowd with some clapping and shout,
Jab the air with your thumbs sticking out.
Make your fish lips again,
It drives us insane,
We all know what you are about.

Your days count one hundred and two,
Your wisdom and skills are too few.
So give up your power,
Go home to Trump Tower,
The Russians are waiting for you.

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