MOUSTACHE: Heartbreak on the Starboard Side By Sally Madison

Words: 483
Heartbreak on the Starboard Side
Sally Madison

Sarah in her pale blue hooded cloak was barely visible in the fog as she came from the lee to discuss something very important with her husband. She had been sick, before they ended their vacation for five mornings in a row, and now she has other symptoms. She had tried to approach the subject earlier, but they always seem to be interrupted. As she spotted him in the fog, a loud voice called out his name. It was her husband’s brother, Alfred. In the gray mist, you could hardly tell them apart. Had her former lover been there, they would have been like three peas in a pod. Her husband’s white hair and Alfred’s bushy mustache were the distinguishing differences. “Hello Arthur, how goes it old man?” Alfred teased.
“To be honest with you, Alfred, I have not been all that well. I think it’s time to turn the business over to you completely. Young Arthur is getting out of jail, but he needs to leave the country for a while, before we bring him back in again. Damn shame he got caught. The question is what to do about Sarah.”
“I still cannot believe you married her,” replied Alfred. “What were you thinking?”
“I had to protect the business, young Arthur would never marry her,” Arthur replied. “She knew too much about the operation. I couldn’t have the authorities questioning her when things got hot, so as a honeymoon, I got her out of the country. Besides, I didn’t want my grandson birthed in jail. She would have implicated herself, too. If they found out the whole of it, I am not sure that you and I would have fared well either. At least Arthur kept us out of it.”
“So what do you want me to do?” replied Alfred.
“I’d like you to keep an eye on Sarah. Make sure the authorities don’t question her. We can’t have her destroying father’s business. She may talk to the authorities as a trade to save herself. Marry her if you have to. She’s not a bad sort. You know, it’s been five years, and she still calls me, Mr. Morgan. We get along. She talks of dress fabrics, which I have no interest in; and I talk of racehorses, which she has no interest in. After we land, I will see my solicitor and we’ll make the arrangements.”
As the two men walked off, Sarah grabbed the rail, her stomach wretched. ‘..protect the business…’ she wretched again, ‘..implicating herself..’ she wretched again, ‘..not a bad sort..’, she wretched again, ‘..marry her if you have to’ she wretched again. Her mind was swimming as she looked at the inviting water. Her foot was on the lower rung.
“Mama, is that you?” a small voice was heard from behind her.
“Yes, Mama is here, my dear. Come join me at the rail,” she replied.

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