MASQUERADE: Masquerading as Death By Claire Robertson

Word Count 323
Masquerading as Death
By Claire Robertson

There was a stunned silence in the cave. Then there was a noise outside the cave. Annalaya glanced out. “The others are back!” They left the cave to find the Elemental Warriors and a girl about ten with green wings and brown hair. Frozen Flame introduced her as Earth Flight. In all, there were ten of them. “Why are there so few of you?” “Our nightly dance. We all dress up as Death and Death comes out of the forest. Then we dance and stop when we face someone else. Whoever faces Death gets taken.” “Ok…” Minaya noticed everyone putting on black robes. “Here are some costumes you can borrow.” Frozen Flame handed them each a robe and a mask.
When everyone was changed, it was still possible to tell who was who. The Elemental Warriors were shorter then Spirit Seer, who was shorter then Earth Flight, who was shorter then the twins, who were shorter then Frozen Flame and Analaya, who were shorter then Saphria, who was shorter then Minaya and Magnus. Frozen Flame gave them each a pair of boots that made them all the same height. Then they all walked into the jungle. They moved around for about five minutes, then fourteen figures stepped out into the clearing.
There was then much leaping and spinning in a tribal dance. They stopped when they were facing someone. When everyone had stopped, they all removed their masks. All the Elemental Warriors were facing each other. Storm Chaser and Dark Huntress were facing each other. Spirit Seer was facing Saphria. Frozen Flame and Analaya were facing each other. Magnus found himself staring into his sister’s eyes. Earth Flight was facing an unfamiliar boy. His skin was as white as paper and his hair as black as night. His eyes were empty pits, dark and infinite. Earth Flight’s face was frozen in an expression of shock as she and the boy dissolved into nothing.

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