BLESSED: Together By Peggy Scarano

Word Count 416

By Peggy Scarano

I did not have a name, because in order to have a name, someone has to really care for you. However, I had a friend. We did most things together. We would walk together, play together, sometimes eat and sleep together. We were both pretty lonesome and alone most of the time, so we always felt blessed to see each other. Sometimes we would go off on our own, but we eventually found each other again. Until one day – we didn’t.

I thought I knew what loneliness was before, but I really did not have a clue until that day when my friend didn’t come home. I wandered, instead of romped. I sulked instead of smiled. I sometimes did not bother to eat because it’s no fun to eat alone. I did not sleep well, and I didn’t care where I slept.

Then one day, I met a new friend. I was very skeptical and afraid at first. But my new friend had a kind tone and a soft touch. We started hanging around together, or I should say I started following my new friend everywhere. We built up a kind of routine. I followed my new friend to a new place where there were two meals a day, and we didn’t have to eat by ourselves. We would sometimes play together, sometimes go for walks, sometimes just hang out together and many times cuddle together.

My new friend would leave me every day, and every day I would wait and wait. I would tremble with fear. I cried to myself. I was so afraid my new friend would never come back, and I would be alone again. So each night when my new friend came home I would jump for joy! I would yelp with happiness! My whole body would shiver with jubilation.

I started smiling again, though very cautiously. I started trusting again, but very slowly. Finally, one day, my new friend came home and said to me, “You are mine! I am keeping you! I love you and your name is Finnegan!”

Now I was loved because I had a real name! I couldn’t believe it! You see, I am a dog. My old friend was a stray dog, just like me. But my new friend is a person, and she has a name too! And she makes me smile all the time, and I try to make her smile all the time, and we will always be together. I am blessed.

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