BEQUEATH: A Proposal To Bequeath By Ray Shearer

Word Count 467
A Proposal To Bequeath
By Ray Shearer
It was a large house of gray stone, perched on a cliff overlooking the sea. A tall iron fence encompassed the land. The house belonged to Lenny’s boss, Mr. Decker, the owner of the Admiral Shoe Factory. Lenny and his fiancee enjoyed walks passed the mansion,and talked about one day living in such a place.
“It looks lonely” Dianne remarked. “So big and no children.”
“We could fill a house with children.” Lenny replied. In a few years, I could be plant manager. We may not afford all this with servants, and the like, but we will have a pleasant home with a family.” They held hands, taking in the magnificent estate.
A man in formal wear called from the house. “Excuse me, sir, young lady. My employer wishes to offer you some refreshment on this hot summer day. If you would be so kind to follow me.” The large oak doors opened into a sun filled room that somehow seemed void of warmth and left the impression of a museum.
Mr. Decker sat at the table on the sundeck. He appeared delicate, almost wasted away. “Thank you for joining me.” He rose, extended his arm, and waved his hand motioning to the
unoccupied chairs.
“I believe you work for me young man.”
“Yes sir,” Lenny spoke. “I’m a line manager.”
” Would you someday like to live in this house?”
Dianne spoke up. “I don’t think we could afford the upkeep.”
Mr. Decker turned to Dianne. “Would you live here if it were possible?”
“Absolutely!” Exclaimed Dianne.
Mr. Decker recounted his family history, the death of his wife and no children to entrust his estate. “I have a proposition for you. My health is failing; I might not see the end of the year. If Dianne were to be my wife, she would get everything that is mine. You should talk it over. I would expect an answer by the weekend.”
All points argued, with Lenny having the last word. “A chance of a lifetime. Keeping an old man company, how long? Weeks, maybe a few months. It’s what we dreamed about.”
Mrs. Decker sat at a long dining table while Mr Decker placed a silver chain holding one diamond around her neck. “Happy anniversary dear.” He kissed her. “One year and glad for every minute.”Each year another diamond. Twenty-five in all before he passed. The service was small. Mrs Decker and a few plant managers. A young man approached and extended condolences. “You know my father, Lenny. Like me, he’s one of your plant managers. I’m Tom. I live just down the road from your home. I’ve always fantasized about life there.”
“Do you think you could live in that house?” Dianne asked.
“Yes,” came a quick reply.
“Tom, I have a proposition for you.”

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