MAHOGANY: Mohogany By Miriam Mancuso

Word Count: 500+
By Miriam Mancuso

Mohogany Lewis was the only thing standing in my way of academic greatness. She has a 4.0 and so do I. Whoever does best on the final exam will be crowned-er-named valedictorian and the other sad sack will be the forgetful-among-everyone salutarian. I, Keanjula Martinez, am going to be the valedictorian, no matter how I get there.
“Keanjula! Can you help me with this equation?” Mrs. Charrette asked, tapping the white worn-down chalk on the once-black, dusty chalkboard.
“Yes, Mrs. Charrette!” I smiled.
“When there’s somebody to kiss up to, there is Keanjula puckering her lips!” Mohogany laughed.
I clenched my list and squeezed. I let out the anger and took a deep breath.
“First you need to get ‘X’ by itself,” I started. But I was rudely interrupted.
“Keanjula is always by herself because she has no friends!” Mohogany’s obnoxious show-off clique laughed. My brown cheeks turned red.
“Then you have to factor…” I decided to continue. I was not going to let Mohogany ruin this for me.
“The pretty factor is what Keanjula lacks!”
Ok. That was taking it too far. I cleared my throat.
“Um, Mrs.? I thought cellphones weren’t allowed in class? I think Mohogany didn’t hear you!” I evilly smiled as Mrs. Charrette approached Mohogany and confiscated her phone.
“You’ll pick this up in your AP’s office after school.” Aye!!! She took her phone. I tried not to laugh, but it was impossible.
“Well, isn’t it not allowed to wear fake Chanel?” The class laughed.
I hid my (really not real) Chanel bag under my desk. I stood up.
“At least my teeth are real!” I jumped up and shouted.
“Oh! They gonna fight!”
“Team Mohogany!”
“Kick her a$$, Keanjula!”
I have never started a fight. I have never stood up for myself before.
“Miss Lewis, Miss Martinez! This behavior is not allowed in my classroom. Office. NOW!” I really was mad at myself for making my teacher angry.
But Mohogany stole my chill away just like she’s trying to steal my valedictorian title. Now I am in detention writing all this cause of her. I’m missing debate team because of her. Is she always out to get me? Well I was trying to get her in trouble in all honestly but it was ALL CAUSE SHE STARTED IT!
I looked back at Mohogany who was asleep back in her desk. Hey, maybe I should write on her face! Oh, but I’d get in trouble…but she’s asking for it; sitting near a person you hate and deciding to fall asleep! What an idiot.
Just then, a short Italian woman walked in. “Girls, do not talk, just listen. Competition can be fun, encouraging you to try your best and is good fun. But, going as far as to insult each other? Name-calling like children in class? Unacceptable for a valedictorian or a salutarian.” She opened the door back up. “If you want to know the results of your finals…make up. Apologize.”
“Ok, Keanjula!” Mohogany shouted. “I’m sorry you always try to beat me at everything!”
“Me? You are always making fun of me!” I yelled back.
“Yeah! You get whatever you want! Academically, that is. It isn’t fun always being second place!” She sniffed. A tear rolled down her face.
“Ok. Let’s start over. I won’t rub my achievements in your face anymore. I made my way to Mohogany and held out a white flag handshake. For once in her life, Mohogany smiled.
“I’ll never insult your again. I promise,” We shook, then we laughed. The woman clapped her hands.
“Great work…Valedictorian Mohogany!” We looked at each other and laughed.
“Now who’s the girl who has everything?” I nudged her.
“Stop! I’m proud of my salutation new friend, too!” We hugged. We were friends now…And it was all Mohogany’s fault.

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