AVERSION: Aversion By Miriam Rose Mancuso

Word Count: 468
Miriam Rose Mancuso
The aversion I felt for Aden Hushadik is unsustainable. I wish I wasn’t so jealous of him, but he has everything. He had the best clothes, always made the sports teams, and was beloved by everyone. He says one joke, everyone laughs. He is absent for a day, the class cannot function. He’s important and I’m not.
“Zack, look at Aden!” My friend Jeremy gasped. “Those headphones are worth more than my house!”
I rolled my eyes. “He has a rich daddy with a big income. It’s not like he acquired them from pulling King Arthur’s sword from stone,”
“Do you think he’ll actually talk to us? I mean, we’re in his class now!” Honestly, I also wished I could be friends with Aden and maybe borrow a shirt or two.
“He’s with all the soccer guys. He won’t talk to anyone on the baseball team. Believe me,” I sighed.
It was unfair how tall and built Aden was. It was unfair how handsome he was. Every girl (and guy) was in love with him. He’s not David Beckham; he isn’t that perfect.
Plus, he had all the coolest Nikes, Adidas, and Two Jordans! TWO! I can’t even acquire ONE.
Plus, he has been named MVP on Basketball, Track, swimming, lacrosse and soccer aka every sport he plays. He’s a perfect athlete. He never misses and on a rare occasion. When he does, the whole school blames the opposing team and/or blames players of their OWN TEAM for somehow inconveniencing him from winning pitiful classmates of mine!
“Oh my God! He’s walking this way! What do I do?” Jeremy panicked.
“Jeremy, what are you, his biggest fan? He won’t consider talking to us as long as we show our admiration!”
Wait…what was I saying? I hate him! I never think about him. I never ever wish we were close…I have an extreme aversion for him; I hate him!
“Hey, Jeremy! Oh, I like your shoes, Zack!” Aden smiled at me.
H-How does he know my name?!
“H-How do you know us?” I stuttered. My cheeks were bright red.
“Well, you’re the smartest kid in my science class and Jeremy over her is your best friend slash cousin. It isn’t hard to figure out.” Aden laughed. His perfect laugh and his perfect green eyes glowed. Well then. Aden Hushadik knows me. He knows of my existence and thinks that I’m the smartest kid in science.
ME! He thinks I’m smart! He notices me! I swear, I could scream! I could scream!
“Do you guys want to go to a party I’m having this weekend?” Aden asked.
“Yes!” We answered in unison.
I never thought I’d care about a party Aden would have but my cheeks said something else.
I have a feeling that this aversion is turning into admiration.

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