Hit the Books! Summer Reading Program

Hit the Books!
July 1st – August 31st

The Little Falls Library is offering a summer reading program.

Come in starting July 1st to pick up your summer reading program supplies. Participants will get a scorecard and baseball card templates.
Following the sports theme, readers will advance around the bases of a baseball diamond on their scorecard. The objective is to score a home run by reading eight books during the course of the summer. For every two books a participant reads, s/he advances one base:

First Base = 2 Books
Second Base = 4 Books
Third Base = 6 Books
Home Run = 8 Books

Participants will need to fill out and turn in baseball cards as they finish a book. To complete the baseball card, participants should draw a picture of a favorite character or scene from the book on the front of the card and provide a piece of trivia or an interesting fact or detail from the book. Completed cards will be displayed in the library.

Prizes will be awarded at each base achieved!

Any participant who reads more than eight books will be considered an All Star — and the Library will award a special grand prize to the child who reads the most books during the summer.

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