BEQUEATH: ‘Twas Bequeathed By Claire Robertson


Word Count: 269


‘Twas Bequeathed

By, Claire Robertson


“Where is everyone?”  Frozen Flame asked.  “Out somewhere.” Was the reply.  “Everyone?”  “Mostly.”  They then saw a girl about nine sitting on a rock.  Her hair was snowy white, and her skin almost as pale.  When she turned towards them, they could see that her eyes were a very light blue-grey.  “This is Spirit Seer.”  Frozen Flame said.  Spirit Seer said nothing, but looked at Saphria, a wondering look on her face.  “Come on.  I’ll show you where you can stay for now!”  Annalaya led them to the second to last cave on the right.  Once they were all in, Spirit Seer turned to Saphria, all traces of doubt gone from her face, and said “You have something.”  Her voice was whispery but strong.  She seemed to have trouble getting the words out, as if a thousand ghosts were saying what she wanted, but at the same time a thousand more were also trying to speak through her.  “Something old and powerful.”  Frozen Flame turned to Spirit Seer.  “You are certain?”  Spirit Seer nodded.  Frozen Flame looked at Saphria sharply.  “What do you have?”  Nervous, Saphria took the ring out of her pocket.  Frozen Flame started to say something but Spirit Seer cut her off.  “Shush.  They’re trying to speak.”  “Can you hear what they’re saying?”  Annalaya asked.  Spirit Seer closed her eyes and appeared to be listening intently.  At last she opened then again.  “Nothing.  Just a name.  Saphiria.  There’s more, but it’s too hard to hear right now.  I believe they are your ancestors.” She said, addressing Saphria now.  “I believe this ring was bequeathed to you.”

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