TRANSFORM: Transform Upon Awakening By Maggie Robertson

Week 14:  Transform

Word Count: 497


Transform Upon Awakening

By Maggie Robertson


Vivian came downstairs that morning to find someone had scratched “moo” into the fat left in the skillet from cooking hamburgers the night before.

“Darn gnomes” she muttered.

The gnomes were responsible for all sorts of things.  They hid her tools, her scissors, her favorite coffee mug, only to slip them back into places she had already looked.  They left her water running, turned on lights, put dirty dishes in the hallway, and ate her chocolate.  This time, however, they had perhaps gone too far.

Vivian fumbled for her first cup of coffee, which seemed particularly troublesome this morning.  As the liquid stimulant hit her veins, she stopped cold.  Something had changed.  It must have taken many tiny hands all the overnight hours to transform her abode.  At first, she thought she woke up in someone else’s house, but no, her internal GPS told her she was in the same location, even though it looked completely different than it had just 8 hours ago.

No wonder she had such a hard time getting her coffee.  The coffee maker was upside-down, although somehow the carafe still held the magic elixir.  The kitchen cabinets were mounted sideways, so she had had to lift the door up to get her coffee mug.

Baffled and blinking, she walked into her dining room to discover it was now her bedroom.  At least, she was pretty sure it was her bedroom.  What’s more, her bedroom was now the bathroom.  The bathroom was now the living room, except that only the sofa fit.  The rest of the furniture she found in random places. An easy chair in the kitchen (how had she missed that?), the rocking chair on the roof, the television in the closet (well, that may be an improvement.)

Vivian moved room to room, taking mental inventory of where everything was. Little scuttling noises followed, accompanied by shadows of movement just out of sight.  She turned, but saw nothing, and her curiosity gave way to rising panic.  What had happened?  Was this just a bad dream, come on from eating too many hamburgers the night before?  Was someone playing an elaborate trick on her?  Had she gone insane overnight?

Vivian felt a loud WUMP! behind her. Instinct took over and she bolted into the bathroom and locked the door.  Except, right.  The bathroom was now kind of the living room, or at least the sofa room.  Vivian curled up on the sofa to think. It had only been 20 minutes since she awoke, and she could not make sense of her world.

The scuttling noises in the hallway paused every time they passed the door.  Her terror increased with each moment.  A cloud passed over the sun, and the change of light reminded her of the window.  In an instant she was outside, her home fading into the distance.

Vivian never returned, nor did she ever tell anybody what happened that morning.  As for the gnomes, they never understood why she left.

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