HEMORRHAGIC: This Story is Not Hemorrhagic by Claire Robertson


Word Count: 276


This Story is Not Hemorrhagic

By, Claire Robertson
“You might want to put these on first though.”  Frozen Flame handed them each a black wristband with a sixth of a large silver circle on it.  “What’s this?” Saphria inquired.  “A shield.  You’ll need it.”  They stepped out of the cave and into a jungle.  They walked until they came to a small stream, at which four seven year olds were standing.  They appeared to be arguing over something.  One of the girls, the one that was yelling the most, burst into flame.  “Um, that girl just caught fire.” Magnus said.  “Are you going to do something about that?”  “No.” Frozen Flame said.  “She does that all the time.  It’s no big deal.”  “Ok…” They passed the children when Frozen Flame threw out an arm and whispered, “Stop!”  Then she yelled “Annalaya!  I know you’re there!”  A girl about the same age as Frozen Flame dropped out of a tree.  “How did you know?” she inquired sharply, but she was smiling.  She had bright red hair and eyes that were perfectly round and the same blue as the bottom of the ocean.  And she had horns.  They were vaguely hand-shaped and were a light lilac color deepening to a blue only slightly lighter then her eyes at the outside.  “You’re always waiting for me.  And you dropped something.”  Frozen Flame held up a dagger with a gem-studded handle.  “Come on!  I’m always dropping that!”  Smiling, she took the weapon.  “Come on!  You’ve been away for so long!  Everyone’s waiting for you!”  “Everyone?”  “Well, ok.  Just me.  But Storm Chaser’s getting anxious.”  “Well,” Frozen Flame said to Magnus, Minaya, and Saphria.  “Let’s go meet the others!”

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