SOUL: The Soul of the Monster By Claire Robertson

Word: SOUL

Word Count: 388


The Soul of the Monster

By, Claire Robertson


The land itself was spectacular, with dense green forests, rushing rivers, their banks dotted with wildflowers, and great snow-capped mountains in the distance.  It was a breath-taking view, but even more amazing were the animals.  They saw a panther running through the jungle.  A midnight blue panther with gold spots.  Clouds of multicolored birds of prey swooped through the air.  Metallic butterflies fluttered over the trees.  A small metallic silver and gold monkey climbed closer to get a look at the new arrivals.  Magnus was pleased.  He had always wanted a little monkey friend.  But something was off.  “Beauty is deception.” Magnus murmured.  “Come on.  Let’s go.”  “There you go again, living up to your name again.  They’re obviously harmless.” Minaya said.  “They are dangerous!” Magnus insisted.  “And what do you mean, living up to my name?”  “Magnus Bane.  Magical annoyance.”  “We can discuss my name more later. Now, we run.”  The girls didn’t move, still staring dreamily out at the valley.  Magnus glanced out at the valley to see that the number of creatures had multiplied.  “We have to go NOW!” Magnus said urgently.  Then they attacked.  The birds swooped down, screaming as they went.  The big cats and wolves pounced.  Even the butterflies swarmed them.  The girls came out of their trance as Magnus drew a hasty protection circle.  It wouldn’t last long, but it was better then nothing.  Minaya tossed Saphria a knife.  They started to fight.  They lashed out with magic and steel, but they knew it would not be enough.  A raptor breeched the circle, and was about to attack Saphria, when it fell down dead, an arrow protruding from it’s back.  Saphria glanced up and said, “Look!”  It was the girl, the one with wings.  “We must go to my home.  Quickly!” the girl called.  There was something different about her.  Magnus realized what it was.  “Your wings.  Weren’t they grey?”  The girl swooped down and picked them up before answering.  “Yes, they were” she replied.  “They are usually this silver-blue color, but they reflect my moods.  I was sad that day.”  “Why?” inquired Minaya.  “One of my friends was taken and killed.  My name is Frozen Flame, by the way.”  They were high now.  They shouldn’t have been able to breath, been alive even, but they were.  They went higher still.  Into the dark.

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