PREVIOUSLY: Previous Fears By Claire Robertson


Word Count: 457


Previous Fears

By, Claire Robertson


As they walked on, they came to a tunnel carved into the rock that was so narrow that they would have to go single-file.  There was a warning sign outside it.  It read, “Warning!  You’re off the map now!  Watch out for your memories!  None who enter shall leave unchanged!”  “Well,” said Magnus brightly, “I will volunteer to go first!”  There was a slight creak, like opening a door after a long time.  They looked, and the sign had changed.  It now read,  “Are you sure you can face your memories, Magnus Bane?”  Magnus muttered something about signs with personalities and started into the tunnel, Minaya and Saphria on his heels.  Saphria suddenly saw… Jade?  What was she doing here?  Everything was as she had remembered it, from the blond ponytail to the black high-heeled boots.  Jade looked VERY angry.  Minaya was suddenly transported back to the battlefield, listening to the shouts and the clang of blade against blade.  They were fighting Sebastian’s… things.  Endarkened ones.  Demons with the faces of friends.  Angles gone wrong.  Call them what you will.  Someone caught her eye.  Someone in sequined battle armor.  Magnus.  She saw the endarkened one come up behind him.  She shouted, but her cry was lost in the other shouts of battle.  Just like the first time, she saw the blade go in, saw him fall.  She ran to him with tears on her face.  When she reached him, he looked up at her and said, surprisingly cheerfully, “It’s only a memory!”  Then she woke up.  Under her knees she felt not the grass of the battlefield, but the rock of the tunnel.  She realized that this could not be happening.  Not because it was too horrible, but because it had already happened.  She was back where she should be, in the tunnel.  She saw Saphria flinching as is someone was yelling at her, but there was no one there.  Minaya saw that the other girl’s eyes were unfocused.  She grabbed Saphria’s wrist and pulled her away.  The other girl slowly came back to reality, and asked, “Where’s Magnus?”  Minaya shrugged and suggested “Maybe at the other side.”  Then let’s go see and regroup.”  They were out of the tunnel in about five minutes, and found Magnus sitting on a rock looking bored.  “Finally!  I was beginning to think I was going to have to go back in there.  Did you get my message?”  “About how it was all a memory?”  “Yes.”  “Then yes, I did.  And in the future, don’t mess with my memories!”  ‘Ok, ok” Magnus said defensively.  They decided to climb up on the tunnel to find out where they were.  When they got up, all they could do was stare.  “Wow” said Magnus.

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