PARODY: Not a Parody By Claire Robertson


Word Count: 340

Not a Parody

By, Claire Robertson

They came out of space above a large island.  “That’s Neverland,” said Frozen Flame said.  “And over there is where we live.  The Forever Children, I mean.  We are trying to negotiate a peace treaty with the Lost Boys.  They live on Neverland.”  She took them to a small cave.  She had already explained that this was where all newcomers/visitors had to go first.  “What did you see in the cave, by the way?” Frozen Flame asked.  “It’s usually similar.  People you love dying, people you hate, it’s like they’re all parodies of each other. I mean, really.  Why can’t people have more interesting fears?  Not to be heartless, but it gets annoying to hear about the same things over and over again.”  “Oh.” Minaya said.  “I saw Magnus dying.”  “I saw Jade, the girl who was my mistress.” Saphria said.  Frozen Flame exhaled heavily.  “When did you see, Magnus?” she asked, sounding bored.  “I saw flashes of different things.” Magnus said evasively.  “You’re evading the question, Magnus.  What exactly did you see?  Whatever it was, it can’t be any worse then some of the things I’ve seen.”  “Really?” Magnus asked angrily.  “Well, then can it be any worse then being born with the devil’s mark?  When your ‘father’ flinches at the sight of you, and your mother hangs herself in the barn because of what she made.  When I was 10, my father tried to drown me in the creek!  He knew that my real father was a demon.  I lashed out at him, burned him where he stood.  I went to the Silent Brothers for sanctuary, eventually.  I met a girl in the Silent City.  She was human, but somehow gained magic and immortality.  We became closer then twins, which is what we called ourselves.  Twins.”  His voice became wondering when he was talking about the girl, but then his expression closed.  “But that’s the past.  I’m over it.”  “Oh,” said Frozen Flame softly.  “Well, on a happier note, here’s your first ground-level view of where I live!”

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