BEQUEATH: I Bequeath To You… by Maggie Robertson

Week 13:  BEQUEATH

Word Count: 479


I Bequeath To You…

Maggie Robertson

“Once Upon A Time…”

“Yes, it really does begin like that.  Once upon a time there was a young girl; a girl much like you, My Dear, hopeful and shining bright, with eyes that see past the folly of humanity.

This girl lived and breathed color.  She loved white snow, blue sky, and red cardinals.  Green grass with yellow dandelions lit up her world in spring.  The summer gardens that surrounded the palace had flowers of all shades – they were like rainbows that grew from the Earth.  The fiery hues of autumn warmed her being.

Then came the day that etched away a hint of her soul.  A caller to the Queen presented the girl with a box of ribbons for her hair.  She marveled at all the different colors.

“Which color is your favorite?” the caller asked

“I like all of them”

“But which one do you like the best?”


The girl puzzled over this.  She had never thought about a favorite color, or a favorite anything else, for that matter.  Different colors were good for different things.  Red belonged on a cardinal, and yellow belonged on a goldfinch.  Some days felt like sky-blue, and others felt like chocolate-brown.  Her orange dress cheered her up, and her purple pillow brought her comfort.  Every color had its unique value to her world.

She began to notice that people chose favorites for almost everything, and expected her to do the same.  She was supposed to have not only a favorite food, but more specifically, a favorite fruit, a favorite vegetable, a favorite dessert!  People would ask her:

“What is your favorite dress?”

“Your favorite game?”

“Your favorite thing to do?”

“Your favorite toothbrush?”


“Who is your favorite person?”


A-ha.  There it is.  Out of all the people in her world, she was asked to pick one she loved more than others.  She refused.

Like her colors, her people all had individual value, and were good at different things.  Her Mother was good for bedtime stories, and her Father was good for playing games.  Uncle Joe was good for baking cookies, and Grandma for finding cool bugs.

She decided that choosing favorites was not always a good thing.  It led to judgments that some things, and even some people, had less value than others.  Even, and perhaps especially, at her young age, she knew otherwise.

This girl grew up to always seek the fairness in an unfair world.  As Queen, she reigned with compassion, and knew that each person had their own intrinsic value, even if she didn’t like them very much.  Her wisdom and her serene power were endowed to her daughters, and to their daughters, and their daughters, on down through the generations – now to you.

And so, My Dear Girl, I bequeath to you our legacy, for you are among the daughters of the Wise Women.

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