GIFT: An Unwanted Gift By Claire Robertson

Word: GIFT

Word Count: 242


An Unwanted Gift

By Claire Robertson


It was another girl.  This one had hair the color of mahogany and deep brown eyes like liquid chocolate.  This one looked about 17 and had no wings.  “Who are you?” Magnus demanded.  “Saphria” the girl said, sounding scared.  “Well Saphria, I’m Magnus Bane and this is my sister Minaya.”  Saphria bowed.  “Do you know the way back to Zeatha?” she asked.  “Zeahta?  That’s not a real place.”  “Yes it is!  I’m from Zeatha!”  “Well I’ve never heard of it.” Magnus said.  “But you must have!  It’s the biggest kingdom in the land!” Saphria cried, desperation making it’s way into her voice.  “Sorry, nope.”  “Why did you bring me here?  What is my destiny?  Show yourself, you cowardly old woman!” Saphria screamed, seemingly to no one.  There was a crack, and Magnus and Minaya turned to see an old lady standing at the center of the clearing.  “You asked for my help and now you shall get it!” the old lady proclaimed grandly.  She offered Saphria a ring.  It had a silver-blue band and a golden flower.  “I’m sorry, but that doesn’t seem to be much help, and even though it looks pretty, I don’t want your gift.” Saphria said icily.  “Take it!” the woman insisted.  “You’ll need it.”  “Ok.” Saphria said reluctantly and took the ring.  “That’s better!  Now, good-bye!”  The woman disappeared in a puff of smoke, as grey as mist in the morning.  “Well, that was dramatic” said Magnus.

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