MASQUERADE: A Masquerade of Fiction By Maggie Robertson

Week 15:  Masquerade

Word Count: 220


A Masquerade of Fiction

By Maggie Robertson


So here we are in Flash Fiction

Where we can all practice our diction

With one word a week

Some stories are bleak

Labyrinth was our predilection


Then came Soil and Bane

Stories of spiders insane

Before long we found

Our rules ran aground

When too many words we did gain.


Mahogany brought furniture and wood

And a curious critter quite good

We created diversion

With the word Aversion

Just like we all thought that we could


My Gift story was written deviously

Yes, I planted the word mischievously

The room sure was quiet

Thought I might start a riot

Not like the ones I wrote Previously


Stories of the Soul were quite dark

They weren’t such a walk in the park

A limerick for Parody

Was such a rarity

‘Twas filled with a fine dose of snark


As expected for word Hemorrhagic

Some stories had their share of tragic

And for Translucence

We put in our two pence

Writing these tomes is quite magic


It’s time to look underneath

For stories to you we Bequeath

You might find Transform

When you write is the norm

And in fiction to sink in your teeth


And so fiction is Masquerade

With words and pens we have played

We are not done yet

So don’t you dare fret

We hope you enjoy what we’ve made.


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