HEMORRHAGIC: The Morning After By Janie D

Week 11 HEMORRHAGIC Saga part 4
Word count 496
Introduction: A young woman had met a guy who she thought what her soul mate. At first she enjoyed the excitement she experienced with him. She even felt good about herself and learned she was capable of many things…..For a while. Then one night he had taken drugs in addition to the usual drinking binge and a switch flipped. He had beat her. The last episode left off with him huddled against the door, blocking the only exit from the apartment and holding the phone cord in his hand.
The Morning After
By Janie D
When he reached the wall, and plugged in the phone, he rolled over and once again sat leaning up against the door with his legs spread out in front of him. With trembling hands, he pressed the buttons on the phone and when the soft voice said, “Hello?” he sobbed, his tears flowing from his eyes seemingly as hemorrhagic as a nick to his jugular.
“Mom,” he said weekly. “You have to come help her! Please! ”
The confused voice at the other end of the phone told him that this wasn’t funny and that she was going to hang up.
“No Mom, please, please you have to come help her. I hurt her!” he choked out.
“What do you mean, you hurt her? How? What?” she replied, her confusion swiftly changing to concern.
“I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know.” The words spouted from his trembling lips. “She said I hurt her. Mom, she looks awful. Please come help her! She needs you.”
It seemed like an eternity from the time that the phone went from hearing the soft voice coming through the speaker to the dial tone buzzing, insistently until she heard a car coming up the driveway, although it was less than a ¼ hour. All this time she had just remained as still as a statue, still in shock, but relieved that help was on the way. When she heard the steps on the stairs coming up the landing leading to the door, the terror she felt for her experience giving way to concern that the small, gentle woman who had arrived to help her. Would this tiny, soft spoken soul face danger herself for coming to her aid?
Unsteadily, he got up off the floor and opened the door. The tiny blond woman standing there looked up at him and pushed past him. She started to ask him what had happened, but before she could finish her inquiry, she froze as she saw the crumpled girl in the recliner in the corner, peering from under her blanket.
As she stepped closer to the girl who she loved like a daughter, her heart beat faster. Gently, she pulled the blanket down and could not hide the shock that overtook her from her face. The evidence of the blows from the night before was astonishing, the tear-streaked eyes were just tiny slits in the swollen face. Without a word the tiny woman helped the battered girl from the chair and supported her as they made it down the steps and to the still running car.
She disappeared back into the place where she found her eldest son, slumped in a heap on the floor. She went up into the loft bedroom and gathered a few pieces of clothing for her friend. As she closed the door behind her, she said to him, “Don’t come near her. Leave her alone!”
It was lucky for the girl that her friend was a nurse!

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