HEMORRHAGIC: The Hemorrhagic River of Humanity By G. Ackman

Word Count 452
The hemorrhagic river of humanity
by G. Ackman
“Tell us a story, grandfather.”
The young ones gathered around to hear the old one speak. He had lived through many winters and was very wise. He began:
“Once, many, many moons ago we were strong, much stronger than we are now. Our numbers filled the woods and they woods belonged to us. Brother moon lit our path and food was plentiful. We lived in peaceful harmony with the first men, the ones who knew our ways and respected us.
But then, man changed. His numbers grew faster than ours and he forgot how important it is to live in harmony with the mother of all living beings. He ripped and tore at the earth, leaving great jagged scars that wept the blood of displaced animals. The trees sighed as man cut them down to make room for himself and his ever bigger dwellings. He made the waters bitter and unhealthy. He took our food supply and then came after us.
He used cruel metal teeth to mangle our legs, and poison to twist our insides, and fire sticks to send blinding agony into us. Not because we had done anything. They just wanted our skin and beautiful plumed tails as a sign of their victory over us. To make themselves feel justified, they told tales to each other of our savageness, fearing our teeth and forgetting that we hunt only for food and that our food is not man.
Soon empty dens told the story of our losses. Brother moon cried with us as our pups died of starvation and our land became a limited place where we had to hide before the mighty machine of man.”
“What happened then, grandfather?”
“A rare few of the men became wise to the idea that our mother wants us all to have a place and they stopped some of their actions. The cruel metal teeth are rarely seen now. But it’s not enough. They still hunt us to make themselves feel powerful. That’s why we teach you to stay close. You can no longer run endlessly with your moon brother, or feel your paws rhythmically pounding over miles – the connection with your past, yourself, and the land an invisible vein reaching through your soul to the earth’s soul. Now you must stay close, hunt less often, and avoid man at all costs. He is not good for our kind.”
“Will it ever change, grandfather?”
“Brother moon says that someday man will turn the full force of his destructive instincts on himself and will then drive himself from existence like he tried to do with us and our brother creatures the Buffalo, the whales, and the giraffes. Then our mother will cry life-replenishing tears, the grasses will grow tall and strong, and the water will taste sweet again. Balance will be restored to our mother and to all of us.”

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