HEMORRHAGIC: Missing Link By Sharon Collins

Week 11/12 Words: Hemorrhagic/Translucence
Word Count 356
Missing Link
By Sharon Collins
Back dropped by a sky full of diamonds, an adolescent female Australopithecus afarensis cowers high amid the green translucence magically conjured by a full Ethiopian moon. The serene beauty belies the furious hammering of her half-human heart. Never in her twelve years has she been so afraid. It prowls beneath her. Carnivorous and thrumming. Patiently awaiting her inevitable descent.
The gray-green twilight has lengthened into silvery night. The moonlight allows her to see its shadow, pacing still. Her upper body, although still more suited to treetop living, is tiring. Her leathery, elongated fingers are fatigued from gripping the smooth-barked branch for hours. Her lower body, so recently evolved for bipedal locomotion, has reached the end of its endurance, muscles burning and cramped, tendons and ligaments tightening, twitch with pain. Her apelike jaws ache, clenched against an evolving understanding. Alerted by her call of alarm, they have scattered to safety, abandoning her. She gives a final hoarse cry for help. None of the clan returns to her aide. The unlucky lookout, she has been left utterly alone, trapped, the next sacrifice to the harsh god of evolution.
Her emerging intellect grasps the truth: The good of The Many outweighs the need of The One. She is heartened to know that her mother and sisters, cousins and aunts will survive; however, being The One, activates that other universal law: Survival of the Fittest. She knows The Fittest awaits below, but she is not ready to die yet. Flexing her gluteal muscles, she considers the series of leaps necessary to carry her to safety along the tree line. Can she outpace both fangs and claws? She must try.
Gathering the last of her fading strength, she leaps, uncoiling like a spring, she stretches and catches a fistful of leaves in her left and moonlight in in her right. Silhouetted, she plummets forty feet. Upon impact, her humerus bone shatters, but it is the fracture of her first rib, her Eve-rib that does the damage. The chest trauma is hemorrhagic. Her lifeblood seeping into the soil, She who will be known as Lucy, has fallen from the sky with diamonds.

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