AVERSION: An Aversion to Friends By Claire Robertson

Week 6 Word: AVERSION

Word Count 339


An Aversion to Friends

By, Claire Robertson

Magnus and Minaya walked up the gentle slope and out into a forest.  Minaya suddenly stopped and held a finger to her lips.  She thought-yes, there it was again.  A rustle.  Funny, she thought, last time it was coming from behind us, now it sounds like it’s coming from above us.  She told Magnus about this, but he just said it must have been the wind.  Minaya knew he was more nervous then he sounded, there had been no wind.  They waited, but Minaya didn’t hear the sound again.  They walked through the forest, the trees soaring up farther then they could ever hope to see, followed by the strange sounds, sometimes behind them, sometimes above them.  Every now and then they would catch glimpses of a moving shadow, a flash of color in the green leaves.  Several times they tried to cast spells to see if someone was there, but the forest seemed to blot out all magic.  They suddenly came to a clearing and they saw something big in the sky.  It was impossible to tell what it was, for it had the sun at its back.  It suddenly swooped towards them, passing close enough to touch them even though they ducked.  It landed in the center of the clearing.  It was a girl.  Her deep red hair tumbled in curls down her back while her eyes, only slightly bluer than Minaya’s own, scanned them.  She was shorter then the twins, who could have been 19, and looked about 14.  “You know” the girl said, with some measure of distaste “I should have killed at least one of you.”  “Why?” Magnus demanded.  “The less you care the less you have to lose.” the girl said.  “The remaining two would have been better off.”  Minaya immediately spotted the problem.  “Remaining two?”  The strange girl just laughed and flew away, letting her powerful grey wings carry her over the treetops and out of sight.  “Remaining two.” Magnus mused.  They heard another rustle behind them.  Together they slowly turned around.

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