PREVIOUSLY: The Previously Forbidden Staircase By Janie D

The Previously Forbidden Staircase
By Janie D

As soon as I walked through that door I could feel it. I wasn’t sure what it was but it was there. It was a feeling, and I know most would say that I was a little touched in the head. But it was real. There was a vague memory coming to mind. What was it?

Oh, yes. I remember now. You see, I had spent many happy hours in this building. As a young girl, my family didn’t have a lot of money, hardly any, as a matter of fact. We didn’t have money for many of the things other girls in my class had, like new bicycles and fancy clothes. But there was one extravagance that I was allowed that made me feel like I fit in with the other girls in my class. I joined the Girl Scouts! My uniform came from a thrift store but I was so proud to wear it and somehow, I always had the dime to pay my dues.

That was where the girls from all the fourth, fifth and sixth grades from all the elementary schools in the city came together for their Junior Girl Scout meetings. It was a fun time and it was interesting and I got to learn all sorts of things like how to tie a square knot and, and how to knit, although I never did finish the dark blue and white striped vest, first aid and lots of fun stuff, but I forget now much of those things. We got to go on outings like the Ice Capades. That was the only time I had experienced such a spectacular event. I reveled in the experience.

So, at this confusing time in my life, as I walked through that door that day it was a feeling of familiarity. As a Girl Scout, I had never been allowed to venture up the grand staircase. How was I to know that there were rooms where women lived?

I was amazed that I found myself climbing that previously forbidden, but familiar staircase. As I looked around at the wallpaper on the walls, and the old-fashioned furniture, and the delicate tea pots candlesticks, I wondered about all of the women, the school teachers, the nurses, all the other ladies that had lived in the rooms up the staircase.

I have to tell you that this is a wonderful old place. The feeling I experienced when I walked through that door…. It was peace. It was a feeling of happiness, of security. There is nothing scary or foreboding about this old mansion. I’m not sure exactly why I feel this way here. Maybe it has something to do with the building itself. Or maybe it is the happy memories from so long ago, of a time of innocence, of blind happiness.

I know now that the feeling I felt when I walked through that door was a feeling of home.

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