MAHOGANY: The Girl With Mahogany Hair By Claire Robertson

Week 5 Word: MAHOGANY
Word count 350
The Girl With Mahogany Hair
By, Claire Robertson

She observed. Standing in the doorway, the maid watched her mistress, dreading what she had to do.
“Your father wishes for your presence, highness.”
“What are you waiting for? Take me to him!” Saphria sighed and escorted princess Jade to the throne room. King Roland was the ruler of Zeatha, and would do anything for his “sweet little girl”.
“Yes father?”
“I would like you to meet the new captain of the guard. This is Duncan Aromey.” A good-looking young man stood beside the throne. He bowed when he was introduced. Jade smiled at him. She had her new prey. Typical, thought Saphria. The princess was pretty, but not only did she have a heart of stone, she was a flirt! The maid felt sorry for the new captain of the guard. Don’t get involved with Jade, she thought. When she’s done she’ll rip out your heart and stomp on it in high heeled boots! That night, Saphria woke with a start, feeling like someone was watching her. Someone was. There was an old woman standing over her. She started to scream, but couldn’t for the old lady had clapped a rough hand over her mouth.
“SHUSH!” the old woman said. “You’ll wake the whole castle!” Saphria gazed up at her, wordless and confused. “I am the lady of the labyrinth.” The woman continued. “I will help you find your destiny.” The ground dropped out from under Saphria, and she was falling. She fell into a large tunnel, still thinking about the old woman. She heard two more soft thumps, and was thankful she was in the shadows.
“Ow!” A female exclaimed. There were a few blue sparks. “Yea, rub it in that I can’t do that.” The voice was the girl’s again. There was a sigh, and the girl said “Thanks, where are we?”
“Underground, I think.” That was a new voice, a boy’s. She heard the girl snap a reply. They started arguing. After a while they decided to travel right. After a moment’s hesitation, Saphria followed them. Keeping to the shadows, unseen and unheard, she observed.

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