AVERSION: Her Aversion By Janie D

Week 6-Aversion
Word count 490

Her Aversion
By Janie D

She was enjoying her walk along the winding path on the warm summer evening, as she often did. The sun had just sunk down below the horizon and there was a soft breeze rustling the leaves all around her. There were insect sounds were chirping everywhere and they seemed to invade her very senses. She did not really mind the chirping of the insects and found it rather relaxing.
No, it was not the chirping of the insects that she had an aversion to. It was the low-pitched croaking sounds that made her cringe. She should have taken them in stride as she did the other sounds in the vast outdoors but she did not like them. These were the sounds that told her that they were out there.
Every time she heard the sound she was again transformed into the little girl with her chestnut brown hair in Pocahontas pigtails. You would think that after so many years she would have lost the aversion for those particular sounds as well as the creatures that made them.
You see, when she was about three years old and lived in Florida, she had become accustomed to those sounds and at that time she did not dislike the creatures that make them.
That is until the hot and humid summer day before every dwelling had the thing that we all take for granted now, air conditioning. You see her mother let her play in the bathtub with cool water to help her cope with the sweltering heat and humidity. Bear in mind that in the 1960’s windows were of the Jalousie type. These were made of 4 inch slats of glass that cranked to open and close them. On this particular day, so many years ago, the windows were cranked open and it seems that there must not have been a screen. She was sitting in the tub singing and playing with her bathtub toys as her mother often let her do on such days. There was a little yellow floating duck and some floating fishes. She liked to use her fishing pole to catch the little fishes. Of course, this was a toy and the hook was made or plastic, but she was so proud when she could “hook” a fish.
All of a sudden, splash! Not just splash, but a huge splash, right in front of her. She blinked the water out of her eyes and then she saw it. The gigantic two-inch slimy green frog. There it was, swimming in the bathtub with her, trying to use her as a lily pad! She screamed and screamed and screamed. Her mother managed to calm her after what seemed like an eternity. Her mother was not able to convince her that it wasn’t one of those huge frogs that it was told lived in the Everglades, not so far away.
It is no wonder that she still has an aversion to frogs.

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