MAHOGANY: Rock-A-Bye By Nan Ressue

Week 5 Word: MAHOGANY
Word Count 182

All living things are blessed with a life force which produces a halo of light around their body. Known as the aura, it is infused with colors which reveal the owner’s character, health, and mood. This truth was told to me by my Cherokee friend and teacher and one of my daughters who sees things I cannot.
I ponder the feelings of a mighty mahogany tree, a monument to the Creator, flourishing in a tropical environment, waiting to give its life for man’s coveted objects. I am told that when the chain saw approaches a tree, the aura shrinks in anticipation of death. The deed is done and the surgery begins, slicing its body into useful slabs, revealing the warm, dark colors to the craftsman whose golden hands produce objects of beauty.
I wonder how the tree would feel about using its magnificent body to make a cradle, perhaps created by a loving father, which would embrace and protect the family’s newest treasure? Would the tree to be happy to sacrifice its life force for the creation of an object that would protect a new life force? I cannot help but feel that it would. Rock-a-bye, precious baby.

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