BANE: Bane By Janie D

Janie D

Now, she was a seemingly rational individual and realized that expelling him from her life was a wise move. Sometimes she managed to ignore his calls for days, occasionally for over a week. Nevertheless, she finally broke down and picked up the phone. It was that ever-present aura, that undeniable magnetic pull, that irresistible force, that even over the phone, pulled her back to him. Once she picked up the receiver, she was finished and her resolve would flee like a mouse from a cat.
For a while, it was good again and they went back to the routine of cars and bars. The excitement was never ending and a new adventure would be awaiting. He had many friends (although mostly they were cohorts that were enticing him to spend time away from work and getting into mischief. Mischief being a nice way of saying heavy drinking, drugs and women) who were on occasion helpful to have around for extra hands at the garage.
It wasn’t long before he fell back into his old ways, starting out for short periods and for long stretches between them at first. Those episodes became closer and closer together and for longer expanses of time. And to take the pressure off himself he began turning the tables and accusing her of doing all sorts of things, the things that she was sure that he was up to. Then the threats began. Vague threats about her family; threats that she knew he would be able to carry out. So, she stayed.
She stayed with him until that fateful night. That night he was relatively calm and carrying on normal conversation. They came home as usual and as she was making a bite to eat, like a switch, he started ranting and raving like he never had before. He said that he was going to kill her and everyone she cared about. As he went on and on she was looking around the room trying to see if there was a way to escape. Where were her car keys? How could she direct his attention away from her? But he knew what she was contemplating. That was when the terror began.
She tried to back away from him but he caught her and pinned her arms to her sides. Helplessly she struggled to rip herself from his ironlike grasp but stumbled backwards and fell. Now on her back, arms pinned to her sides with his knees. She was terrorized and had no way to block the blows that were repeated, over and over and over. As she gazed up at him between blows, she did not recognize the eyes of the man that she loved; a stranger glared at her with evil in those black eyes. She was unable to break through to him. He who was the bane of her life. Was this the end?

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