SOIL: The Soil of the Labyrinth By Claire Robertson

Week 2 Word: SOIL
Word Count 299

The Soil of the Labyrinth
By, Claire Robertson

As they fell, Magnus realized that the ground had gotten more transparent as it floated higher. Well, that explained the whole cloud thing. They did not hit the ground as expected, but rather fell through it into a tunnel. “Ow!” exclaimed Syria. She had a few cuts, but nothing to bad. A few blue sparks danced across Magnus’ hands as he healed himself. “Yeah, rub it in that I can’t do that.” Magnus sighed and waved his hand, healing the girl instantly. “Thanks” she muttered grudgingly, “Where are we?” “Underground, I think.” “Yea, I noticed that thanks!” Syria snapped. After some argument, they decided to travel right. Half an hour later, they walked into a cave. There were 13 tunnels branching off in different directions. Each one was different. One shone like gold, one glittered like diamonds, one had pillows, one had blue sparks bouncing off the walls, one was a library, another a gym. There was even one that looked like the sea, but the fish swam in air instead of water. One was a hypnotic spiral. One was lined with barbed wire, another was a forest. The last one looked normal except for a slight blue pulsing light. There was a note in the middle of the cave. It read, “If you have made it this far then I am impressed. Now it is time for the real test. Do not be tempted by glitter or gold. The spiral may lead to riches untold. The pillows are hard, the barbed wire soft. If you look for a book you know the one to cross. But do not take the pulsing path for if you do, many trials and hardships now fall before you.” They of course went down the pulsing path, not caring what dangers lay ahead.

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