BANE: The Second Bane By Claire Robertson

Week 3 Word: BANE
Word Count 278

The Second Bane
By Claire Robertson

As they walked down the tunnel, Syria scoffed “Wow, soooo many dangers here.” She was right, they had passed no dangers, and though would never admit it, that scared both of them more then if there had been traps. Just when they started to calm down, the light became brighter, pulsing with more urgency. They sped up. After several hours they walked into another cave. The source of the light was at the center of the cave. There was nothing there. They searched the walls for something, anything. All they found was some paintings of animals. “I guess we just take it” Syria said, indicating to the ball of light. As soon as she reached out to take it, Magnus shouted “LOOK OUT!” Syria turned just in time to see a panther flying towards her. She lunged to the side just a Magnus grabbed the light. The panther screeched and fell, turning into dust. Magnus, still holding the light, said “Converterent de maledieto alligat ut vocatur in unum Minaya ad mortaliter et hoc unum verum forma revelare!” There was a blinding light and Syria was gone. She was replaced by a tall girl with waist length hair the same black as her brother’s. She was pretty, with an Asian face and eyes the same as her twin’s. They were gold-green and slit pupiled. Cat eyes. She remembered everything, the battle, the curse, and her name. Minaya Bane. She remembered her twin brother Magnus. “I thought you were dead.” She said simply. There was a screech. They looked to see that the panther had reformed. Worse, the rest of the animals joined it. We’re in trouble now, they thought.

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