SOIL: Soil By Linda Helterline

Week 2 Word: SOIL
Word Count 430
By Linda Helterline
There is a hole just the right size at the foot of the bird feeder, and just as the two red, fuzzy ears emerge slowly from the soil, the chattering begins. Someone has refilled the tube feeder with lots of big, fat, oily, sunflower seeds. “Okay, time to climb up the Shepherd’s Crook, hurtle myself through the air, and wrap my hungry tongue around the wonderful seeds.”
Apparently during the night, a thin layer of black ice had covered the black Shepherd’s Crook and made all but impossible the reaching of the scrumptious sunflower seeds. After several attempts, each one ending in all four legs wrapped tightly around the pole while sliding sadly down, a few seconds of rest were necessary. There must be a better way, but what can it be?
The big garage door opened. Time to run for the stone fence…fast! He was passed by two red cousins, a gray squirrel, a low-flying woodpecker, the local rabbit family, a chipmunk, and then he saw a big, floppy-eared dog coming at him! No time to run to the fence, so he darted for the small hole in the soil…a hole carefully crafted by his tiny front feet. Jumping into the air head first, he dove into the tunnel and kept his back feet running like an outboard motor. THUNK! The escape hatch went dark, and was quickly filled with black fuzz, white teeth, noisy inhalations and a HUGE pink tongue.
Because he went head first into the hole, the squirrel had no idea how close the big, black nose was to his butt. However it was the white teeth which could do the most damage so he was more nervous about them! Luckily, the small circumference of the hole around the dog’s nose prevented him from clamping down on the poor squirrel’s tail.
Out the far end of the tunnel came the baby rabbits, squirrels and chipmunk, sounding like corks shooting out of champagne bottles. It was as if you were watching the opening of the “Lawrence Welk Show”. The dog was sidetracked by the rabbits. After all, what can be more fun than chasing a rabbit?! CHASING TWO RABBITS!! But how do you make your black, furry feet stop on ice-covered grass…especially if you notice your bane is the electric horse fence coming right toward you? SCREECH!!
Quietly, two little red ears popped out from the soil and watched the commotion. The ball of big black fur which rolled frantically around trying to stop before hitting the electric fence made him want to laugh. He didn’t dare.

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