BANE: Labyrinth Planet By Michael S. Jones

Week 3 Word: BANE
Word Count 308
Labyrinth Planet
By Michael S. Jones

Daedalus Base Camp
Minos Dispatch 12.25.2219 E.C.

Dispatch Seven [7]

No, I have no idea if other mountains have labyrnths. We have established that this side of this mountain has five entrances. For all I know every mole hill has labyrinths.

Short-sightedness is the bane of this expedition. Central has documented stone-age societies as well as cultures so advanced that they wouldn’t even talk to us.

But the Theseans are the Other. Whoever they were they didn’t think like us. We are on the shore of a sea of knowledge and you provide a row boat.

If you had instruments in orbit you could see if there are other tunnel entrances. Logically of course they exist! Or do you think that we happened to land next to the only labyrinthian mountain on Minos?

You refuse to send an Exo-Archio/Anthropologist but give me terabytes [TBs] of books on past excavations. Do you think that these are Mayas? Prynths? You can’t even offer a cogent reason for placing brackets that repeat the clearest of terms in short form.

You just might be interested that Paige offers her report on reverse-engineering the ergonomic handle of the stone chisel found by Rich.

Their hands were slender with five long digits. Two opposing thumbs made for more dexterity and strength without our nearly useless pinky finger. The owner of this particular tool was left-handed.
[Report follows.]

Extrapolating, my guess is that they were bipedal. Five toes like ours? Prehensile? Absence of soil and flowing water inside the mountain argues against finding fossils. Is it dry enough to preserve bones?

Chief Engineer Paige Rutter is connecting drone fuselages. The fifteen sent so far make for durable and comfortable permanent quarters.

Pure science is financially inconvenient, but often leads to practical money-making discoveries. Consider missed opportunities.

Merry Christmas.

Family greetings follow.

W. A. Sloan, Commander

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