LABYRINTH: Labyrinth of Love By Janie D

Labyrinth of Love
By Janie D
Week 1 LABYRINTH Part 2 of Saga
Word Count 410

Little did she know that the chance meeting with him would be that meeting that would change her life forever. He had brought out a spark in her that she did not even know she had.
She now dressed in ways that she had never dreamed was possible. She would wear clothes that she never would have worn before. Moreover, heels, how she learned to love heels. She reveled in the attention that she received when she entered a room. I guess you would call it attitude, presence.
The next few weeks, months, years were like a whirlwind. She spent almost all of her time with him while spending very little time with family or friends. In addition to learning to dress well, she had a crash course in many things automotive. Yes indeed, she assisted changing engines, and transmissions. She was able to not only check the fluids in her car, but on one occasion fairly early on in the relationship, she actually climbed into the engine cavity of an older model Chevy pick up to replace a sensor that a man would have had a difficult time reaching. The lessons working with automobiles kept coming. In time, she could mix Bondo and other substances pertaining to automotive bodywork. She learned how to mix the paint and clear coat so that he could keep spraying the vehicle of the day (or night) with little delay. All of this was great experience, if she decided to apply for a job as an apprentice in a body shop.
Her life was a cycle of scruffy clothes by day at work and tight jeans or short skirts and high-heeled boots and leather by night. There were many other parts to this relationship such as the never-ending labyrinth of work, bars, alcohol and his missing days. She was not blind to the fact that there must have been other women. Then there became the verbal abuse and violence that became more and more frequent as were the missing episodes.
Alas, she moved him out and changed locks so many times that she could almost do it in record time and in dim lighting. Once after he had been missing for several days, she once again packed his belonging in a large trash bag, like usual. He always knew to go straight to his mother after these episodes because that is where he knew his clothes would be.

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