FOUND: Finding Sight By Claire Robertson

Week 4 Word: FOUND
Word Count 350

Finding Sight
By Claire Robertson

The panther once again leaped at Minaya, and this time, Magnus couldn’t intercept. The panther hit her, a furry black torpedo, knocking her to the floor. She wrestled with it, finally stabbing it with the knife she kept in her sneaker for occasions like this. She glanced at Magnus, who was fighting a baboon. They went through several creatures before one could really hurt them. The last creature was the panther, who had reformed many times. This was its 9th life. It had evolved every time, bigger, sometimes growing extra limbs in the process. Now it was the size of an elephant with 8 legs, 2 tails, 6 wings, and 7 heads. It pounced, screaming and hissing at the twins. “Why did you think I was dead?” asked Magnus, darting out of the panther’s way. “You’re asking this NOW!” There may not be a later, so now is good.” “You’re right” said Minaya exaggeratingly slowly “Let’s think. Maybe because the last time I saw you, you were half conscious with a knife in your side!” “You think a little scratch like that could have killed me?” Minaya raised an eyebrow, a hard thing to do when you’re running from a mutant panther. “Okay, it was a big scratch.” Magnus said defensively “No need to get technical!” The panther scratched Minaya across the face, and she fell to the floor. Magnus, thinking of nothing else to do, threw the light at the panther, which dissolved into darkness. The panther hit her in the eyes, thought Magnus. She’ll live, but she’ll never see again. He was surprised to see a blue haze forming around the girl. A few minutes later, the magical haze around the girl disappeared, and she opened her eyes. But they were different. Still slit pupiled, they were blue, the exact same color as her glasses had been. “You-how-but-that’s-no one-you can’t do that!” he finished lamely. “I have always had a gift with healing. Deal with it. Now let’s get out of here!” They headed to a tunnel on the other side of the chamber, heading to the light.

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