MAHOGANY: Encounter While Fishing By Beverly Jones

Week 5 Word: Mahogany
Word Count: 415

Encounter While Fishing
Beverly Jones

Christopher crept out of the house in the fading grayness that heralded dawn, grabbing his cane fishing pole as he slunk under his mother’s window. He knew he was going to be in big trouble; he was only five and not allowed to go to the creek by himself.
But dawn was such a beautiful time of day. There is a lightening of surroundings that your eyes can almost detect which segues to blue grey; blue creeps in; the sky fills completely with blue; shadows start to appear as the sun rises. Dawn seems so much faster than sunset. Blink and the light has changed. Dawn contains a feeling of expectation while dusk can be melancholy and tired.
Of course Christopher couldn’t explain any of this. All he knew was that dawn was exciting.
Christopher skidded to a stop on the creek’s bank. A creature huddled on a small flat stone in the middle of the water. Silver hair cascaded over skin the color of polished mahogany. Huge dark eyes stared at Christopher. The creature, drenched, sat shivering as it looked at Christopher.
“Hello.” Christopher was raised to be polite to strangers.
The creature tilted its head.
“Did you fall off the bridge into the water?’
Again the creature tilted its head.
“You hungry?” Christopher knew strangers were fed when they came to the house to visit.
Another head tilt.
“You look cold. You can have my shirt; I have another shirt under it.”
The creature waded across the shallow stream and reached out an arm for the shirt. Christopher helped it into the shirt which was so long it fell over the creature’s toes.
“I brought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Would you like some of it?”
The creature shook its head.
“What do you eat?” Christopher was puzzled. How could anyone not want a P, B and J sandwich?
The creature produced a small leather bag and poured out a tiny amount of wilted lettuce, floppy dried out carrots and celery, several radishes.
Christopher sighed. Salad. Mom was always trying to make him eat his salad. He preferred spaghetti.
“I have an idea!”
The creature tilted its head.
“Mom has vegetables in the fridge for dinner tonight. She likes company. Want to go and see what is there to eat?”
The creature tilted its head.
Together Christopher and the creature, holding up the hem of Christopher’s shirt in one hand, scrambled up the bank of creek, in search of Brussels sprouts for breakfast.

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