FOUND: She Found What She Was Looking For By Janie D

Week 4 FOUND
Word Count 465

She Found What She Was Looking For
By Janie D

She was looking for something. Something, but what? This she did not know. Was it excitement and adventure that she had been lacking? Oh, how she wished that she knew. But, she did know that there was an emptiness in her that she could not explain. She was hoping that she would recognize the missing piece of her soul when she saw it.
She walked into a social establishment for her usual before-work drink, a diet soda, whatever they had on tap, because she was on her way to work on the graveyard shift at the local factory. It was the 13th day straight of 10-hour days and she was exhausted, partly because she hadn’t rested very well most of those days.
When she walked in the door there was an alluring presence that called to her. It was indescribable, almost electric and she felt it go into her innermost being, her core. What was it? Who was he? What was his name? What was it about him that drew her closer and closer, like the proverbial moth to a flame?
Little did she know that she should have turned and run away as fast as she could. But she couldn’t, she could not fight the enticingly magnetic pull of his presence. He bought her drink and pulled out a stool for her next to him. She was flattered that he sought her out particularly because she was dressed for a long night at the mill, leggings and man’s T-Shirt. Not at all what she would have thought would attract someone like him with his long gleaming brown hair, black jeans and leather fringed jacket.
The conversation was light and a little flirtatious and she couldn’t help but being drawn to him. The smile on his lips reached right up to his eyes that were twinkling with mischief. But here he was talking with her, flirting with her. When it was time for her to reluctantly depart his company, he asked her to take him home instead, and he would make her a midnight breakfast. Oh, how tempted she was and it took all her willpower to say to him, “You are cute but not $38.00 an hour cute.” You see, she was making double time at work that night. She was surprised at the boldness with which she had made such a statement. Where did that come from? Was it her voice that had said it? Yes, it was. He had brought out something in her, something like confidence and self-assurance that she did not know she had. You see, she somehow knew it was him. He who seemed to connect to her soul.
Little did she know how this chance encounter would alter her life forever.

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