LABYRINTH: Smokey’s Labyrinth By Ray S.

Week 1 Word: Labyrinth
Word Count 476
Smokey’s Labyrinth
Ray S.

“I found it!” Shouted Wonder Boy.
“I don’t believe it, called out Big Brother, as he navigated his way through the aisles of memories that accumulated in the garage. “Let’s have a look.”
Wonder Boy placed the Bible on a workbench. “The first names date back to 1815.”
“And the map?” Big Brother questioned.
“It’s here, right like he said. We should leave before the others ask to help.”
From childhood, they had heard the stories – Great Grandfather, and the Smokey Flyer. Papa, the locomotive’s engineer was held up for a gold coin shipment bound for the National Reserve. The robbers took the whole train. It was never found. That was Papa’s story anyway.
The boys were prepared thanks to the old man’s map.
If you’re going to steal a train, it’s a safe bet you’re going to need tracks. What better plan than Grand Central Terminal.
Dressed like workers, the duo made their way toward the switching tower and into the work tunnels. The boys encountered workers gathered in a dim light. One of them looked over, “Youse guys workin’ Section D?”
Big Brother was quick opening a metal door. “Nope, we’re up the other side.” They eased through.
On went the headlamps, illuminating like sunlight. Checking the map, Big Brother whispered, “We need the left fork and then the second door on the left.”
Through the gloom of the next chamber, Wonder Boy spied four figures feeding a trashcan fire. Homeless, he surmised or at least meddlesome. A shabby dressed shadow, with a large diagonal scar across its face spoke. “Wader off the reservation did we?”
Another stepped toward the pair. His nose was just a large scab. “Whatch got in dem packs?”
“Just this,” Big Brother shot back, showing a pry bar. Wonder Boy did likewise.
Scarface tried swinging a 2 x 4. Big Brother charged him, jabbed him in the gut with the pry bar. Scarface gasped for air as Big Brother batted the iron bar into his knee. The three others scurried out of the light. Scarface followed screaming and limping.
The passage traveled them west and south. The map weaved a trek around massive rotted out pipes. “What is this place?” questioned Wonder Boy.
“We’re below what used to be the city reservoir., now the Forty-second Street Library. The map showed a spillway, just a small gap between floors. The boys squeezed through, climbed down one level, “And here it is!” cried out Wonder Boy. “Locomotive 2290, the Smokey Flyer!”
The boys found four strong boxes under the coal in the tender. Big Brother opened one and found smaller boxes containing rows of gold pieces, one hundred in all. The brothers loaded up their carryalls, and as they walked away, they talked of the future.
“How do we explain this?” asked Wonder Boy.
Big Brother smiled, “They won’t care.”

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