BANE: Over Run By Nan Ressue

Week 3 Word:BANE
Word Count 452
Nan Ressue
It’s the little things in life that can make you crazy. Let me explain.
When we lived in the country with our young and expanding family, we were gradually enmeshed in a friendship with Dan and Janice, newlyweds with limited means who usually stopped by to visit around noon or maybe quarter to six. They often would bring us a gift which proceeded a request to use or borrow something they lacked but needed. The last time it was a request for service. They had both accepted a summer jobs as camp counselors and needed somebody to babysit their two pair of adult gerbils. They would be caged and would need minimum care and feeding. OK. Why not? The bonus was that we wouldn’t have uninvited dinner guests for a while.
Let me introduce you to gerbils. They are small, sleek rodents which were a somewhat larger version of field mice and are purchased as pets by children who are not allowed to have a dog. They also hold the world’s record for copulation. As I was pregnant myself, I wasn’t too interested in what they were doing and they did it a lot.
Our boardinghouse gerbils were childless for a total of one night before the first babies were born. My own children were thrilled and they spent time watching and naming the new families of twelve.
Not many weeks passed by before the adults had produced another generation. However, an emergency was pending as my children hovered near the cages in horror.
“MOM”,they screamed. “The teenagers are eating the babies!” I rushed to see the problem and quickly decided what to do.
“Call your father,” I commanded who came on a run. “Go get any container you can spot…Boxes, bird cages, something with a cover and off they went. Transferring the teenage cannibals took lots of coordination and, before you knew it, the stacks of cages and containers which were being piled on a big chest of drawers began to tip over. Off they went, down the cellar stairs, under the freezer, and some through a hole in the screen door, much to the cat’s great delight. I did what I usually do in the face of hopelessness. I was leaning against the wall in hysterics while my husband yelled, “What good are you? Standing there laughing doesn’t help at all”
We finally did manage to corral quite a few, restack the cages, and secure the doors. We actually turned out to be pretty good babysitters. We started with four and sent home thirty-two.
The lesson you should learn from this domestic tale is as follows: If you decide to get a pet gerbil, just buy one.

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