LABYRINTH: Walking the Labyrinth By Maggie Robertson

Week 1 Word: Labyrinth
Word Count 500
Walking the Labyrinth
Maggie Robertson

Taking her first steps, the questions come. What is this life all about? Why is she here? What happened to it all? Where did “It” go?
Like the steps she takes now, the life steps calculated to take her to a better place seem to be taking her backward to a place of utter dependency, her time controlled by others and largely spent on unrewarding pursuits. This was not the Intention, not The Plan.
How did she become so disempowered, relinquishing all that was hard won; the sense of self, the sense of purpose, the greater knowledge of who she is ~was~ supposed to be.
The self-determined, connected life, part of something bigger, something worthy, was supposed to continue with a freeing of burdens to make room for creativity to stream into her life, to allow more time for honoring her being.
She always thought she would be fiercely living her values, and was puzzled to be so far away from that life. The exhaustion of her being came not so much from physical work as from the constant effort to fiercely live her values in the face of so much resistance from those who should be her strongest supporters. The dreams not realized, the creativity not expressed, wore her down to an empty shell.
It had taken her four decades to find her voice and feel she was finally coming into her own. Now her thoughts frequently landed on Icarus, wondering if she shared in his fate.

She reached the center and lay her body in the emerald moss bed beneath the shelter rock, even her dreams too discouraged to show up. Curling within herself, she indulged in the hibernation of her soul. Time passed as it always does for her, in corkscrews and spirals, mazes and starbursts. Now and again a pulse of connection pieced her being. As her rest brought healing, the pulses came closer and closer together until they became her very heartbeat, connected with the rhythm of the Earth around her. Only then did she awaken. With the darkness now fading from the sky, she retraced the Labyrinth path, each step working to uncoil the razor wire that bound her spirit. This time instead of questions, with each circuit came declarations:

I will simplify.
I will stop struggling against myself.
I will do justice by my children.
I will spend my time thoughtfully and with Love.
I will succeed in my own eyes.
I will create my own space.

I. Am. Not. Linear.

With those final words she emerged from the Labyrinth, carrying with her the realization that balance is a process that must be recognized within the context of time. She knew in her heart that the ebbs and flows of life will always be. Once again secure in the knowledge that she and life are one and the same, her body opened up wide to the Universe, and her soul came out to dance to in the sun.