LABYRINTH: The Sky of the Labyrinth By Claire Robertson

Week 1 Word: Labyrinth
Word count 203
The Sky of the Labyrinth
By Claire Robertson

“We go right!” 

“No! My sources say that left is the safe path!”
“Look at it! There are trip wires everywhere! Look right! Nothing! It’s completely clear!”
“It leads somewhere dangerous, I know it!”
“So what! If there is danger we’ll turn back and-“
“No! How many times have I told you! You cannot go back!” The girl turned right. “Minaya, don’t!”
“Don’t call me that, it’s not my name!” The redheaded girl had had enough. She was pulled into this stupid maze with this guy she didn’t even know. And worse, he insisted on calling her Minaya, even though she had told him a thousand times it was Syria.
Magnus had no choice. He sighed and went after her. He found the girl lying on the ground, staring at the sky through her aquamarine glasses. “Look at that cloud. It looks like it’s coming closer. Cool, huh?”
“Yea, and did you notice the ground is fading away?” Magnus said sarcastically. “WHAT!” This is what my sister has been reduced to, Magnus thought, pathetic. The ground was getting more transparent by the second. One minute later and they were falling, faster and faster, spiraling down through the air. “Caelo labyrinthi, exitiali ita hyacintho” Magnus murmured.