LABYRINTH: Horsing Around the Labyrinth By L. Helterline

Week 1 Word: LABYRINTH
Word Count 427
Horsing Around the Labyrinth
L. Helterline

It was a beautiful day, with a bright blue sky. Of course that meant that the deer flies were hungry, and horses’ ears were perfect for a meal. Mom had warned me that in order to be thought of as a very well-behaved horse, I had to let them chew on me and not tear off for the end of the pasture through the labyrinth of weeds when they tried to bite me. Besides, she said I couldn’t outrun them anyway!
Now at last all of that training I had been doing with Carl, the horse trainer, would be put to the test. Carl was about five foot nothing and he had been training me since the snow had started melting. He said that the best time to train young guys like us was when the snow was deep. It made a soft landing for him just in case we decided we didn’t like the feel of him on our backs.
A new saddle, bridle and blanket were being carried out of the tack room by my rider, Jane. She seemed to be a nice person, but it was my first time with my new saddle and tack. Feeling a little frisky, I just had to try to have some fun, so one of my buddies from Carl’s farm had taught me a little trick to play on a rider. When the rider was putting on the saddle (on the horse, not themselves), the trick was to take a big breath so the cinch was way too loose for the saddle. Of course, by the time the rider discovered the loose saddle, they had already rotated at least half way around my belly!
I was hoping I wouldn’t snicker and let myself out on the joke. Sure enough, Jane stepped jauntily into the stirrup and threw her right leg over my back. Once she had both feet in the stirrups, I had a twinge of guilt. Too late. She clicked her tongue and we set off down the edge of the pasture. I heard Jane say, “Uh-oh” and I felt the weight begin to shift around my belly. It wasn’t long and Jane resembled a hillock-riding cowgirl, complete with bridled horse.
My mother’s voice was sounding in my head, so I stood very still…even though my brain was telling me to run away. Jane clambered up my side while I stood very still. Afterwards, my mother told me what a good girl I had been to stand so still…and then I think I heard her giggle!