LABYRINTH: Conquering the Labyrinth By Miriam Rose Mancuso

Week 1 Word: Labyrinth
Word Count- 305
Conquering the Labyrinth
Miriam Rose Mancuso

There Kara sat, staring at the unicorn notebook in front of her. The first page read the words “500 words Labyrinth” written in medium red marker. Kara scratched her head. “Hey, Ashlee,” she nudged her best friend who was already working on her short story. “What does labyrinth mean?” Kara asked.

Ashlee shrugged. In her sweet, high-pitched voice she replied, “I’m sorry! I have the word ‘odyssey’!”

Kara sighed and nudged the person (Jurel) to her right and asked, “Do you know what the word ‘labyrinth’ means?” Kara hoped that she would be able to find an answer.

“I got ‘paradox’. Ask Renee; she’s pretty smart.” Kara was so confused.

The boy pointed at a serious girl in a green hijab and matching green dress that complimented the green necklace on her neck. Her long nails were also green.

Kara gulped. She didn’t like talking to popular girls for they in imitated her. She didn’t know how her best friend Ashlee could do it!

Kara slid out of her chair and slowly approached Renee. She cleared her throat and made an “ahem” noise because she couldn’t possibly tap a popular girl on the shoulder.

“Can I help you?” Renee’s cold dark eyes analyzed Kara’s stained grey sweater, faded blue jeans and muddy boots.

Kara smiled. “Actually, you can! What does the word ‘labyrinth’ mean?” Renee rolled her eyes.

“I am not doing your work for you,” with a wave of her hand, she dismissed Kara. “Goodbye!”

Kara, embarrassed, walked away with her head hung. She would never find the meaning of the word ‘labyrinth’!

That night, Kara came to her mom with her problem; she was hopeless!

“Honey, just use google or the dictionary!”

Kara suddenly had a light bulb above her head. She went on the computer and looked up the definition of ‘labyrinth’! Success!