Bunnies at Growing Readers Story Time

Down in The Garden - Story time theme Bunnies

Today’s Growing Readers story time was all about bunnies.

The children arrived and followed a trail of bunny prints right into our room.  One child, following the bunny prints, was overheard saying, “The Easter Bunny was here.  He was a big bunny.”

Growing Readers Story Time Room

We read If You Plant A Seed and Duck! Rabbit!

If you Plant A Seed by Kadir Nelson is a wonderful book that talks about selfishness and kindness.  At first, the rabbit is very selfish and will not share his harvest; however, he learns to plant seeds of kindness and reaps the rewards with great friendships.  The illustrations are absolutely amazing!  This is a beautiful book, and your children will enjoy the pictures as much as the story.

Duck! Rabbit! keeps you guessing right up until the very last page.  The clever illustrations turn a little animal into both a duck and a rabbit, depending on how you look at it.  The book is cute and fun, but it also teaches a deeper lesson on perspective.  Sometimes everything will change if you look at it from a different point of view.

Bunny Theme - Growing Readers story time

(Sung to tune of Up on The Housetop)

Look in the garden,

There I see

Ten Little carrots growing merrily.

Peter came and ate one,

Oops, Oh NO!!!

Now there’s only 9 carrots in the row.

(Continue song until all the carrots are gone.)

Down in The Garden - Story time theme Bunnies

We also sang our other favorite songs, colored pictures of bunnies, and acted out our favorite animals with motions and sounds.  Then, for craft time, we made our own Duck/Rabbits to bring home.

Crafts - Story Time

The children were pleasantly surprised to learn the Easter Bunny hid a bunch of colorful eggs all over the children’s section of the library, so we ended our class with an Easter egg hunt!

We hope you all enjoy a beautiful Easter weekend.